Many choose to vaporize cannabis instead of smoking it. This is because you can get a more intense, healthier experience and even save money!

But to choose the right vaporizer for you-you can use this guide in which we explain how the steam is obtained and what are the advantages of the different models that we propose.

All vaporizers bring the grass to its boiling point, evaporating the active ingredients and the cannabinoids without burning the leaves and avoiding the formation of toxic products ( tar, carbon monoxide, etc. ) and to cook and disperse the active substances.

This result can be obtained by heating the leaves by conduction or by convection.

Conducting vaporizers
In conduction vaporizers, the brazier containing the grass is heated and the leaves, directly in contact with the cooking surface, reach the boiling point and release the steam and the cannabinoids.

The quickest heating: vaporization is practically immediate when you turn on the vaporizer.

The simplicity of the design allows you to find cheaper and even smaller models.

The risk of accidental combustion of cannabis is very high, being in direct contact with the heated plates.

You can not control the temperature, an essential practice to get the most out of your vaporizer: in fact, the obtained air is very different if the grass is vaporized at high temperatures.

The heat is distributed unevenly; the contact grass heats up much more than the one above and you must often turn it and move it to evaporate all the THC.

Convection vaporizers
Convection vaporizers use a much more efficient heating method because it is based on hot air. The grass is inserted in a small gauze or net and then heated with boiling air flows. In this way, any contact is avoided and thus the danger of unwanted combustion and the air, circulating the cannabis, causes its evaporation.

You can control the evaporation temperature accurately at any time.
The risk of combustion, if you select the right temperatures, is practically nil.
The air moves freely around the grass and does not need to be transferred to make it evaporate completely.

The experience of smoking is more pleasant and uniform, especially for those who are not used to smoking.

The most advanced and performing technology implies a greater initial investment.
The heating times are longer when compared to a conduction vaporizer.
Conducting or convection herb vaporizer: which one do I choose?
We at Vapostore have no doubts: the Storz & Bickel vaporizers are the best on the market!

This small German company has filed the patent in the 90s and produces in its factories four performing models: the Volcano vaporizer, the portable Crafty and Mighty vaporizers and the Plentyelectric vapo.

Here are our favorites:

Volcano convection evaporator
It has a patented balloon vaporization system that requires very little maintenance and cleaning and allows you to get the most out of every herb you choose to vaporize.

The temperature control is complete, and the steam is thick and tasty.
We have no doubt, and we call it the “Bentley” of vaporizers!

If you buy a Volcano vaporizer, go on the safe side.
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Crafty portable vaporizer
The Crafty, with a size of 11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm and weighing only 135 g, is the smallest portable vaporizer produced by Storz & Bickel.

In this little engineering masterpiece, you will find fabulous features such as remote temperature control via a smartphone application.

Its technology combines convection heating with convection heating, while at the same time heating and temperature control. It will also be small but can assert itself!
Find out everything you need to know about our favorite portable vaporizer!

Plenty vaporizer
The Plenty is a vaporizer from home that has all the advantages of portable ones: unlike the Volcano does not have the balloons but the grass can be introduced directly into the central body where convection heats it up to the vaporization temperature.

It is light, compact and easy to clean. The spiral mouthpiece allows the steam to cool just enough to have a unique and immaculate taste.

If you are a gourmet and want a vaporizer suitable for use in the company, the Plenty vaporizer is the right one for you!
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To conclude we would like to tell you that the Storz & Bickel vaporizers are a little more expensive than the others, but you can be sure that the shopping will be rewarded by an enjoyable, tasty and intense vaporization experience !!