Vaporizing cannabis has many advantages: steam is in fact much healthier than smoke, notoriously harmful to health. Add to this the economic savings: the vaporizer is a real investment.

If you’re still not convinced, the ultimate motivation is that the gap is much cleaner and fun, because you have complete control over the release of the active ingredients, especially with a model of vaporizer that allows you to adjust the temperature manually.

Among the vaporizers that allow you to regulate the temperature in a standard manner, we recommend three models, two laptops and one from home. Laptops are the Crafty and Mighty, while the electric one from home is the Volcano Vaporizer.

Here is a guide to the vaporization temperatures of cannabinoids: following these instructions you can do all your experiments to get the perfect experience.

What happens by changing the vaporization temperature of cannabis?
In this guide, you will find all the indications to get the best out of your grass, but to see your particular combination the only way is to experiment. And you do not mind, do you?

In fact, if science tells us that the right temperature for the vaporization of cannabis is between 180 and 210 degrees we have also found that under 190 degrees the effect is more cerebral while going up you can get a physical and body.

This means that the same vaporized herb at different temperatures can give you two different experiences: are you ready to try?


THC It is already released at 157 ° Euphoric and analgesic, brings a great relaxation
CBD 160 ° – 180 ° Natural anxiolytic used in many medical applications, counteracts THC. Find out more about the CBD.

Delta-8-THC 175 ° – 180 ° It is less psychoactive than regular THC, very effective against nausea CBN 185th It has a strong sedative effect, contrasts THC.
CBC 220 ° * Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal THCV 220 ° * Effects similar to THC even if moderate * depending on the humidity the grass can start to burn between 200 and 230 °Other therapeutic properties of cannabis: flavonoids and terpenoids These substances are contained in the plant of the hemp and are recognizable by the smell and the color: two qualities that certainly take into consideration you too when you buy grass.

They also have peculiar evaporation temperatures and produce therapeutic effects on our body, although they are not psychoactive.

Among the benefits of using a vaporizer for the grass, there is the possibility to enjoy all the anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant effects that this extraordinary plant gives us.

Does vaporization also generate toxins?
When the grass is smoked, combustion residues are hazardous for health, such as tar and carbon monoxide. Some toxins are also found in the vapor, although in quantities not comparable to those of a spinel.

Some of these toxins may be present on the leaves if they have been grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so we recommend that you always buy organic cannabis.

In general, however, the toxins you could take when you consume grass are:

Carbon monoxide and tar: combustion residues can be avoided by using a vaporizer
Toulene: its boiling point is 110 °, so it is also present in the steam, it can cause dizziness and nausea.

Benzene: already evaporates at 80 °, it is a known carcinogen
Naphthalene: probably cancerogenic, causes dizziness and nausea but only evaporates at 218 ° so it can be avoided by using a vaporizer.

How to establish the vaporization temperature based on the humidity of the cannabis

In general, marijuana is purchased already dried, but the leaves always have residual moisture. It is not a problem if you intend to burn it in a bong or get a rod, but when you use the vaporizer, you can adjust the temperature to avoid vaporizing all the active ingredients too quickly.

In fact, if the leaves are dehydrated, it is better to reduce the temperature and try first with the lower ones, paying attention not to exceed 200 ° to avoid triggering combustion.

On the other hand, if you have fresh buds that are more humid to the touch and more fragrant, you may find it difficult to release cannabinoids. However, you could use your vaporizer to bring them to the appropriate humidity: leave them at 140 ° for a few minutes, obtaining a vapor rich in flavonoids and then at a later time portal to the vaporization temperature of the cannabinoids (180 ° – 210 °).

We conclude this article with an image showing you the different phases of a vaporized grass top!